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Milano 11 foro Buonaparte, 20121
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Transforma is a studio specializes in the design of public and private spaces. During the past ten years our specialists have realized an impressive number of projects such as large shopping centers, offices, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, etc.

Since 2002 we have been making designs for private and public interiors.

During this time, an impressive number of projects has been designed and realized. They were large shopping malls, fitness and SPA centers, beauty salons, restaurants, bars, hotels, office and demonstration centers, luxury apartments in different cities and regions of Russia and abroad (Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Surgut, Gelendzhik, Sochi, Mineralnye Vody, Prague, Dubai).

While working on some projects we placed orders to Italian, Spanish and German manufacturing firms and also visited these companies.

Also during our work, we have managed to find and to set up effective cooperation with suppliers, manufacturers and contractors in various manufacturing spheres. This to realize complex and unique design solutions.

Some of completed projects can be seen on our website.

In 2011 our design studio has founded an office in Milan (Italy). Here we communicate with our European partners  as well as carry out partial work on some projects: preparation, negotiation and placement of individual orders in Italian furniture plants. We have an opportunity to monitor the product at each stage of manufacture.

Since 2014 the studio was partially reorganized and the optional rebranding was made.

Now there are 16 specialists in the studio.


WE – TRANSFORMA – are a group of people having identical ideas.

Every project for us is a challenge, and when we work on this project, we set a problem and solve it.

We are enthusiastic about what we do. That is why in every project we use new ideas, new solutions, new technologies that require us more time, labor expenditure and efforts, but that is why each project is unique.


Anikin Danil
Kirichuk Leonid
Shilov Sergey
Semerikova Vera
Borodulina Elena
Klimova Olga
Krochakova Elena
Nikulina Irina
Fokina Alena
Olesya Rasskazova
Irina Kazantceva
Daria Popova
Olga Arapova
Anna Shapova


Transforma and its members have been repeatedly rewarded with diplomas and certificates by professional communities.